Here at Jacksonville 4X4 we offer custom exhaust work.  We have an assortment of stainless steal tips, fully welded chambered mufflers, and high flow catalytic converters.  Click on the links below to hear some of our work or click on the Photo gallery link on the right to see our exhaust album.

Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi with cat-back single in dual out single chamber race muffler.

Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins 24v with 6" stacks.

Jeep Comanche with cat-back single in dual out Thrush muffler.


Chevy Avalanche Thrush single in dual out muffler


Chevy Chevelle 454 Thrush welded mufflers.


Jeep Wrangler with single thrush muffler and dump


Toyota Tacoma with Thrush Glass packs


86 Chevy K10 305, hedders, dual Thrush Welded, Gibson tips


Nissan Titan with Thrush glasspacks

Chevy Silverado


Jeep with thrush welded muffler


Dodge Ram 1500 Thrush single dual out with side pipes


89 Chevy Step side single in dual out Incinerator welded muffler


Monty Carlo SS with dual bullet high flow race mufflers


Toyota 4runner with sbc 350 X pipe and dual Insynerator mufflers


05 chevy 5.3L with insynerator muffler dual out


2010 challenger 5.7L hemi with x-pipe and stait pipe

07 ford f250 with 6.0 turbo diesel with duel 3" straight pipe and 5" tips

Chevy 5.3L with x-pipe true dual straight pipe


Chevy 2500 with 6.0L gas motor with insynerator mufflers


06 ford f150 with 5.4L with insynerator muffler dual out


chevy with 5.3L true duel exhaust with straight pipes and an x pipe










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